Movie Star Planet Codes

Some Movie Star Planet Codes can give you a Free Movie Star Planet VIP. Codes are used a lot to get memberships and other items on MSP for free so you don’t have to spend real money or your Starcoins that you earned.

A lot of websites claim to have working VIP Movie Star Planet codes for you to enter into the game; however, we haven’t found one site that actually has working codes. Just be careful when you look for codes so you don’t get spammed by people.

movie star planet codes

How To Get Movie Star Planet Codes

When looking for codes you need to be careful.

Step 1: First, find a good website that offers MSP codes.

Step 2: Copy and paste or write down the code the website has provided.

Step 3: Login to your Movie Star Planet account.

Step: 4 Type in the code to see if it works.

If the code worked then you are in pretty good hands. If it didn’t work that means the MSP codes have either expired, you used it before or it was simply an incorrect code.

Movie Star Planet Codes

We don’t actually have any Movie Star Planet codes for you as we have already used our VIP codes up. These are one time codes that only one person can use. However, we will be giving away free VIP MSP codes in the near future to some lucky winners like yourself.

If you want to win a free Movie Star Planet VIP code then like our Facebook page, Twitter page and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You will then be entered into the Free VIP code drawing every month you are subscribed.

If you know of any working Movie Star Planet codes for items or even for a VIP please share with us so we can spread the word to all of our MSP followers and visitors.

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    i have a code then used it for my fifteen birthday and i got a free elite vip for a year and im still vip and i look way better than mybeau and pumpchkin

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