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Movie Star Planet How To Have a Baby

Here is the complete guide for the Movie Star Planet how to have a baby. It is actaully pretty easy to have a baby on Movie Star Planet but its not what you think. There is more of a strategic

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How To Hack Movie Star Planet

We have been getting many requests to show you how to hack Movie Star Planet so we are going to do this one time thing. Today only, we are going to show you how you can hack on Movie Star

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How To Get Money On Movie Star Planet

Knowing how to get money on Movie Star Planet is important if you don’t want to use real money to buy it. Without money on Movie Star Planet, you really can’t do anything. Just like in real life, in Movie

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How To Make a Movie On Movie Star Planet

Learn how to make a movie on Movie Star Planet with our simple step by step guide. This page will help you make a good movie on Movie Star Planet so your friends and the public can watch it. The

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How To Get To Your House On Movie Star Planet

If you are wondering how to get to your house on Movie Star Planet then continue reading. Our team at Movie Star Planet Club is here to help out with any questions that our visitors have. We have recently been

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How To Level Up Fast On Movie Star Planet

Use these cheats and tips to learn how to level up fast on Movie Star Planet. The main point of this game is to level up fast and to gain as many friends as you can so you can be

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